Executive Committee meeting

Executive Committee meeting
23 February 1997
Amalia Hotel - Athens, Greece
09:00 - 13:00


  • Welcome by the President
Prof. Oulis
  • Agenda's approval
  • Announcements
  • Progress of pending tasks

a. Questionnaire to EAPD Councillors

Profs. Oulis -Curzon

b. Identification Card and Certificate of members

Profs. Oulis-Martens

c. Membership Directory

Prof. Curzon

d. EAPD link to Internet

Prof. Oulis
  • Secretary's report
Prof. Curzon
  • Credentials Committee Report
Prof. Koch
  • Education Committee's Report on

a. Quality assurance

Dr. Ekman

b. Accreditation standards and site visits

Prof. Danhlof
  • Standing Orders
Profs. Oulis- Martens
  • Constitution and Bylaws revision
Prof. Hosskuldson
  • Specialty recognition: Development of a strategy for the near future
Profs. Koch-Oulis
  • Next Council and Consensus Meeting
Profs. Oulis-Curzon
  • 4th EAPD Congress in Sardinia, Italy - 1998

a. Secretary's report after his site visit

Prof. Curzon

b. Scientific programme - main topics

Prof. Koch-Martens

c. Next site visit - expenses coverage

Prof. Oulis
  • 5th EAPD Congress - Norway 2000.